Robust Products

Robust Fireplaces Inc. is proud to offer new products to be installed in potentially wood burning fireplaces that are converted into gas burning. By installing these custom made products, fireplaces will through off tremendous heat into the room and show enormous flames on the walls of the firebox; as a result the firebox will look clean, large an exotic.


  • Simulated Pillar Firebox Liners – SPFL- SS (Sunset Version) – Main. By changing the design of the back panel, SPFL can be presented in variety of different looks.
  • Endless Flame Fire-back, known as EFF.
  • Enameled Porcelain Liner, known as EPL.
  • Sunset Liner, Known as SSL.
  • Fire Fall Liner, Known as FFL.
  • Flat Pan Single Burner known as FPSB in various sizes.
  • Flat Pan Double Sided Burner known as FPDB in various sizes.
  • Water Base Heatproof Fireplace Paint in 4 Colors: Black, Tan, Deep Red & Rust.

We have been in the fireplace retail business for years and have come across a lot of customers who inquired about ways to boost their existing fireplaces to look beautiful and operate efficiently.

We, at Robust Fireplaces, Inc. introduced the concept of EFF in 2007, creating a new way to facelift the old fireplaces, in appearance as well as functionality. By applying this method, one can make their old fireplace operate either in a conventional or modern style depending on the customer’s personal taste.