Why Choose Our Liners?

Robust Liners are a new approach to the old fireplace concept. These liners are built to change the old wood-burning fireplace to one that appears not only cleaner, but also enticing and exotic, especially when used with modern media like fire glass, fire beads or fired ceramic shapes. EFF or EPL Liners are ideal for gas logs as well.

The Advantageous Features are

  • Robust liners are environmentally friendly
    They convert polluting wood-burning fireplaces into environmentally friendly clean gas burning fireplaces.
  • Robust liners are made to fit exactly against the walls of the fireplace
    This means the volume of the fireplace stays untouched.
  • Robust liners are pro heat conservation
    They do not stop homeowners from adding “glass enclosures” to their fireplaces, which complies with the California code requirements.
  • Robust liners are creating a variety of designs
    The flames of the fireplace reflect on the liners, creating a unique appearance.
  • Robust liners give off two times more heat into the room
    They eliminate the need for unpleasant blowers to be inserted into the fireplaces; and when safe to do so, they replace gas or wood burning inserts.
  • Robust liners protect fireplace bricks or panels from cracking and deteriorating
    No maintenance is needed for the bricks and panels. They also covers any existing bricks or panels which may have minor defects.
  • Robust liners assist in using less gas
    This reduces the gas bill.
  • Robust liners eliminate the need for replacing old fireplaces with modern DV fireplaces
    These liners provide an easy way to convert wood burning fireplaces to unique, modern, open front fireplaces with less cost and hassle free installation.
  • Robust liners assist drafting
    They heat up the fireplace faster, assisting in exhausting impurities more quickly.
  • Robust liners will allow you to keep your existing open flame fireplace
    In California, once the old fireplace is demolished, due to the Air Quality Management rule 445, one can no longer get a permit to install the same type of fireplace. All modern DV gas fireplaces have a fixed glass in the front and their set up cannot be altered. With Robust liners you can keep your existing open flame fireplace.