Online Policies

Measuring firebox liners requires precision, and specific techniques must be utilized when conducting these measurements as the liners are custom made to align perfectly within the firebox. Fireboxes come in various shapes and sizes which is what makes it so crucial that this is done with great care. We provide a list of dealerships that are able to guide customers through the measurement and installation process. As a policy, each dealership has a 25 mile geographical protection radius. This means there will be a minimum distance of 50 miles within dealers.

As we continue to establish dealerships, customers outside a 25 mile radius of a dealership may put in their orders with us directly. We will accept orders and take the necessary steps to guide customers through the measurement and installation of their new firebox liners. However, at this point, we will limit these orders to prefabricated or manufactures fireplaces. These customers need to provide us with their fireplace manufacturer’s name, model number and measurements of the firebox, including the height and width of the back wall, and the depth of the side wall. We will also ask that customers provide a photo of the fireplace before we are able to quote a price.