Flat Pan Double Burner

Flat Pan Double Burner


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Product Description

Flat Pan Burners For Natural Gas

  • The firebox is required to be at least 15” deep.
  • All burners come with a standard noiseless 10” black flex gas connector.
  • All burners come with an appropriately sized orifice to regulate the flow of gas into the burners.
  • A remote control may be used by hooking up the pilot assembly onto the single hole on the side lip of the pans or by placing the pilot assembly near the burner in a standalone position.
  • Burners are raised up about 3/8” from the bottom of the pan by the side lips. This will enable flames to be constant all across the burner.
  • The bottom plate stops the gas from touching the floor of the fireplace; by doing so, any possible penetration of gas onto the brick or cement floors of the fireplace will be avoided, which would otherwise be a fire hazard.
  • The gas holes are located at the bottom of the burners, which evens the flames and avoids residual blockages by the fire glass (media).
  • Robust “flat pan burners” require less fireglassor any other medium which is being used.
  • All the burners have an 8 year limited warranty for proper indoor use.