Robust Fireplace Paint

Robust Fireplace Paint


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Product Description

Water Based, Heat Resistant, Brush Paint, high temp, refractory and fire-brick paint for use in all vented masonry fireplaces; formulated to coat firebricks & mortars.


One good application of Fireplace Paint should last for years
It is recommended to read the information provided on the paint can label. The following is additional information for better results.

  • Cover the hearth and carpeting to avoid drippings.
  • Remove any existing soot and dirt off the walls with a wire brush or other similar tool, and wipe the walls with damp cloth.
  • For best results, mix the Fireplace Paint in the can.
  • Never dilute the Fireplace Paint with water or any other liquids.
  • Apply the Fireplace Paint on the panels or bricks of the walls of the firebox.
  • Apply our Fireplace Paint generously and rub well into all crevices.
  • Apply two coats, letting the first coating dry completely before applying the second coat. The floor of the fireplace does not need to be painted.
  • Hands and brush may be washed with warm water.


Our Fireplace Paints contain solvents and/or other chemical ingredients. Adequate health and safety precautions should be observed during all stages of handling, use and drying periods.

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